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  • Cooperation between Vntravel and Yanolja for digital transformation in Vietnam tourism market

Cooperation between Vntravel and Yanolja for digital transformation in Vietnam tourism market

vntravel / 30 July, 2021

SEOUL, South Korea, July 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Yanolja Cloud (CEO, Kim Jongyoon), a global travel tech company, signed a strategic partnership agreement with VNTravel (CEO Binh Giang Tran), the number one travel company in Vietnam.



As an affiliate of VNLife, VNTravel ranks on top in the local travel market with more than five million customers. The company provides more than 50,000 tour and activity products and offers deals for more than 1.5 million hotels over multiple platforms such as Mytour.vn, Dinogo, Tripi and more than 30 Mobile Banking applications from Vietnam local banks.

The two companies will work closely together to lead the digital transformation of the Vietnamese travel industry by combining Yanolja Cloud’s innovative technology with that of VNTravel’s local network and sales expertise. First, Yanolja Cloud’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions will be deployed to hotels in the Vietnamese market to create an environment for real-time data connectivity, improving their operational efficiency and customer convenience. Meanwhile, VNTravel will carry out local marketing campaigns with its in-depth understanding of the local market and support the interconnectivity with VNPay, one of Vietnam’s three major e-payment solutions.

The future of digital transformation in Vietnam tourism market


Binh Giang TRAN, CEO of VNTravel, said, “I am very pleased to partner with Yanolja, the number one global cloud-based solution company and digital transformation leader in the hospitality industry. A combination of VNTravel’s local experience with Yanolja’s technological expertise will definitely bring the best solution to the Vietnam market.”

Andrew KIM, Head of Global Hotel Solutions of Yanolja Cloud, said, “We are delighted to partner with VNTravel. The partnership will accelerate the deployment of our cloud-based solution to local hotels in Vietnam, which will not only help them improve their operational efficiency and enhance the guest experience, but will also allow us to spearhead the full digitization of the Vietnamese hospitality industry. As a travel tech company, Yanolja Cloud will continue to lead the digital transformation of the global leisure industry with innovative technologies.”

Currently, Yanolja Cloud provides services for more than 30,000 clients in approximately 170 countries worldwide, in more than 60 languages. With its easy-to-access SaaS platform that improves operational efficiency, Yanolja Cloud is growing its customer base in emerging markets, such as Southeast Asia, Africa, India, and Sri Lanka, beyond advanced countries like the US and Europe. This year, in particular, Yanolja Cloud will further solidify its position as the global number one cloud-based hospitality solution company with the launching of its Y FLUX, an internally developed automated solution.

About Yanolja Cloud


Created to strengthen Yanolja’s leadership in the global hospitality market with Software-as-a-Service technology, Yanolja Cloud is the global top cloud-based hospitality solution provider offering B2B operation solutions. for approximately 30,000 clients in 170 countries in more than 60 different languages. With its Y FLUX, a fully automated hotel management solution, Yanolja Cloud plans to drive the digital transformation of hotels, leisure and residential spaces while establishing a cloud solution ecosystem that satisfies the needs of partners, booking channels and customers. Yanolja Cloud is expanding its client base by leveraging its powerful SaaS model, enabling efficient installation and operation, and is developing optimized local solutions through partnership with global leaders.