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VNTravel enters strategic alliance with global travel tech firm Yanolja Cloud

vntravel / 22 July, 2021

The strategic alliance between VNTravel and Yanolja Cloud – a global travel tech company will shed light on digital transformation to the hospitality industry in Vietnam.

The strategic partnership between Yanolja Cloud and VNTravel will go a long way in facilitating digital transformation of the industry. Customers can now check in or check out right at their disposal, register rooms virtually at the click of a button, or

even conduct non-cash payments via VNPAY QR whilst hoteliers can access better solutions for property management, revenue management and customer relations, thus driving sustainable business development.

VNTravel Group is an ecosystem which boasts Mytour.vn and Dinogo, Tripi, among others. As a leader in B2B solutions for travel companies, Tripi brings maximum values through several products including Tripi Partner, Tripi Connect, Tripi One, and Tripi Cloud – the cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service) for Vietnam hospitality industry.

Quang Tran – Director of Tripi Cloud said: “Cloud-based digital transformation is of prime importance to the hospitality industry, and Yanolja Cloud is one of the global giants in this field. By combining local experience from VNTravel and global know-how from Yanolja Cloud, the partnership will definitely create important breakthroughs in the industry as well as offer customers the best experiences in the Vietnamese tourism market.”

Quang Tran, Director of Tripi Cloud. Photo by: Tripi Cloud.

Binh Giang Tran – CEO of VNTravel Group. Photo by: Tripi Cloud.

Andrew KIM, Head of Global Hotel Solutions of Yanolja Cloud, said, “We are delighted to partner with VNTravel. The partnership will accelerate the deployment of our cloud-based solution to local hotels in Vietnam, which will not only help them improve their operational efficiency and enhance the guest experience, but will also allow us to spearhead the full digitization of the Vietnamese hospitality industry. As a travel tech company, Yanolja Cloud will continue to lead the digital transformation of the global leisure industry with innovative technologies.”

Yanolja Cloud is the global top cloud-based hospitality solution provider offering B2B operation solutions for approximately 30,000 clients in 170 countries in more than 60 different languages. Yanolja Cloud is expanding its client base by leveraging its powerful SaaS model, enabling efficient installation and operation, and is developing optimized local solutions through partnership with global leaders.

Source: https://e.vnexpress.net/news/travel/vntravel-enters-strategic-alliance-with-global-travel-tech-firm-yanolja-cloud-4326676.html